10 Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Had Died

3. Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan, was the good giant John Coffey in “The Green Mile”. The actor, born on 1957, died on September 3rd 2012 in Los Angeles, two months after being hit by a serious hearth attack.

8 micke clark duncan

2. Zelda Rubinstein

Actress Zelda Rubinstein, famous for starring eccentric medium in “Poltergeist” trilogy, died on January 27th 2010 in Los Angeles. She was 76.

9 zelda rubinstein

1. Jeff Conaway

Jeff Conaway, famous for starring Kenickie in 1978 musical “Grease” and taking part in “Beautiful”, died on May 27th 2011, allegedly due to overdose.

10 jeff conaway