13 Human Beings That Are “Weirdly” Unique

1 - Rolf Bucholz

The world is a strange place, by now even the eldest generation principle-holders have realized it. It’s impossible and useless to try to normalize and tame people’s weirdness. The thing is, if big communities (and by big, I mean 500 or more people) are always responsible for minor or major social psychosis, just imagine those agglomerates where the population is counted by the millions. It’s just an impossible thing to desire. We gathered 13 of the most “Special” people on the planet, just to show what we’re talking about:

1. Rolf Buchholz.

This is Rolf, a man from Dortmund, Germany. He’s not just a man, he’s the MOST PIERCED man on Earth, according to Guinness World Records. His record stands at 453 piercings, 278 of which are in his genitals area, and another 153 are around his lips. If that wasn’t enough, more than half his body is covered in tattoos and he got 2 silicon implants to give himself a pair of horns.

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